Celebrity is not all that big a deal.

I was thinking about this today. The convoluted train of logic that brought me to this point is something that I will not bore anyone with. My thought processes typically have more twists than a Battlestar Galactica season finale. (that reference is relevant, but I digress.)

Over the course of my varying careers, I have been fortunate to meet, speak with, hang with or shake hands with a wide variety of celebrities, both "A" list and not so much. In no particular order, and hardly a complete list, these would include John O'Hurley, Jerry Orbach, Montel Williams, Sharon Stone, David Cone, Vicky Lawrence, Lee Majors, Bob Dole, Michael Bolton, Chevy Chase, Diana Ross, Keith Richards, Jason Robards, Frank Gorshin, Dana Reeve, David Crowder, Skillet, Ratt, AC/DC and the Jonas Brothers. I once walked around a corner and knocked Anthony Quinn on his touchas. I thought I was a dead man - I mean, Anthony Quinn! Viva Zapata!

To be honest, I've found most of these folks to be ordinary people. Yes, they may be wealthy in some cases, well known and such. But the really funny part is that so many of us strive for "fame." What is fame, anyway? What does that really mean? Why do we desire it so? Is it the "fortune" part of "fame and fortune?" Maybe that's it. But I don't think so.

I suppose with fame comes a certain amount of affirmation. We all seek that, to varying degrees. Us bloggers like to jot thoughts like these down in the hopes that someone will come along and comment that they feel the same way, or that you helped them. (or even that you're an idiot - something!) We like it when other bloggers reference our stuff. Musicians like it when people seem into our music. I love it when I'm sitting out in the yard with the firepit going and someone says "Go get your guitar." Affirmation!

Some like to see their name. Everywhere. Their picture everywhere their name is. Is that my good side?

Some observations about famous people:

  • Some of the ones you expect to be nice people really aren't.
  • Some of the ones you expect to be not nice really are.
  • What you see on the screen is so often a persona.
  • You can tell what kind of person someone is by how they treat a waiter or busboy.
  • Many of them do not like to be noticed.
  • Most of them do not like to not be noticed.
  • It's amazing how someone known around the world can whine like a five-year-old over nothing.
  • In retrospect, very few of those mentioned above have impressed me upon meeting them.

Whatever. You wanna be a hero? Be a hero at home, in your church, in your community. That's where it really matters.


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