The Heart of a Man

We're whimps.

I don't say that lightly. But it's true. We've turned into whimps.

I am about to start reading a book called Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul by John Eldridge. On Father's Day, our senior pastor gave a copy of this book to every man and young man in the church. But before I dive into it, I want to make some observations, and see if they stand up when I'm done.

A long time ago, I remember watching a Bill Cosby video called Himself. In it, he spoke about his homelife: I'm not the boss in my house. I don't know when I lost it. But I've seen the boss's job, and I don't want it." Now I realize this is painting broad strokes, but:

  • We're not the boss. Somewhere this generation lost it. We stopped being the leaders of our households. We stopped making descisions, disciplining our children, taking authority, and providing spiritual coverage.
  • This is a generation of contentment. We are content not being the boss. We don't want the job. We don't want the responsibilty.
  • We are propagating this curse. This is a generational curse that will pass down to the third and fourth generation, unless we take control with the help of God.
  • We have lost a sense of adventure. We like being comfortable. We think we deserve it.
  • There are men who are boldly taking a stand for their families, for their communities, for their nations. They are a minority.
  • It is our scriptural duty to stand up for our families, communities and nations. God calls men to be leaders. God calls leaders to be servants. We need to be servants as well as defenders. We need to look inward to the family first.
  • We need to become heroes to our boys and young men. We're not.
  • God is grieved my this turn of events.

I intend to blog on this subject in more detail as I get into this book. A lot of the readers here are men. I hope that insights will help. I pray they are God-given. But I think strongly that we need to change, we need to become heroes again.


  1. "God calls men to be leaders. God calls leaders to be servants. "

    This is a very important statement in this area - possibly the key to the subject. I do not think God wants men to be leaders without the servanthood running right through their leadership. Men being dictators in their household is as bad as women being dictators in their household. Neither make for true happiness or peace.

    I understand the need for leadership, and it needs to be rooted in partnership with one part giving the other authority and respect, the other both leading and serving in love.

    I've not read that book yet, but I know some found it helpful. and you're correct that God has called us to move out of our comfort zones and into real life nitty gritty. I'll be interested to hear your take on this.



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