Heart of a Man II

Wow, this is profound.

I've always thought that the part of us that is made in the image of God has nothing to do with physicality. It's the soul, the heart, the spirit that comes from God. Our creator invested in us something that is reflective of Him. As the silversmith purifies and then polishes his work, he sees himself reflected in it, and so it is with us.

With each step of creation, the universe came closer to God's perfect plan for it. We were created last, men and woman. Specifically, woman. A companion for man, a helpmate, a completion.

So if God made us in His image, then there must be a part of him that is distintively feminine. The Hebrews thought so. They referred to the aspect of God that resided in the Place of Meeting, or in the Temple as the Shekhinah. This word literally means to inhabit or to dwell. It is the Shekhinah glory of God which lights the Temple from within. The word also has a connotation of a royal residence. It is also a feminine noun.

So the Hebrews assigned a feminine name to that part of God which resided in the the Temple. That is interesting. But indeed, if God created woman in his image(Gen 1:26-28), then there is something in each woman that reflects God. Women can teach us men about Him, but what?

God created woman to want to be desired, to be cared for, to feel special and sought after. As John Eldredge states, the cry of God's heart is "Why don't you desire me?" Think about that. The Creator of the Universe, the Ancient of Days, is seeking after you. He wants to be wanted. It's that simple.

I knew my wife was an oracle of God, but not in this way. Something to think about, hmmm?

This series reflects my thoughts as I read "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge.


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