Worship Confessional - July 13, 2008

I'll admit I was tired.

The Children's Network (and much of the youth) took a trip to Six Flags on Saturday. I didn't get to bed until after two, which made the 7am rehersal particularly painful. But where we fall short, God comes in big...

The setlist looked like this:

  • Who Am I
  • Again I Say Rejoice/Friend of God
  • One Way
  • For Who You Are
  • All Honor
  • Montana
  • Turn It Around

We started the same way we did last week, just vamping before service. I noodled a bit, and then started playing Agnes Dei. The singers sat on the steps and sang it - it was pretty cool. Nice and mellow.

Service opened with Who am I by the Casting Crowns. A familiar song, but we haven't done it in a long time, so it was nice. We opened the main worship with a medley of the first two songs. The congregation pretty much universally loves anything by New Breed, so these were good to get them up and moving. We came off the last bits of Rejoice, and I just kept strumming a high E chord to pick up into the beginning of Friend. I got a couple of comments after service from people who liked that, saying it kept the flow going really well, so we'll look into more of that kind of thing, I'm sure.

We did a new arrangement for One Way, similar to the one on the I Heart Revolution album I reviewed last month. It's very high energy. It drops way down in the bridge, going to just high hats, kick and bass for two bars, then the singers coming in, just adding some attack on the electric with a lot of overdrive, not full chords. Two times through that, and then bring it in big with everything. It sounded really good, and everyone was into it.

For Who You Are was a repeat of the new song we introduced last week. It was a good idea bringing it back. We're more comfortable with it, and so was the congregation. After that was the one slow song, All Honor. We started out really quiet, mostly Justin playing a strings voice on the keys, and a lot of bass. I was doing light arpeggios with an echoey kind of feel. Third time through the singers kept repeating the last "...for fire" line, I switched to an overdrive and started doing a little solo off the D minor. It turned out really well.

I got some comments after service that the worship sounded very good, everything was clear, and loud in a good way. Kudos to our sound guy Izzie for keeping the mix un-muddled. We had two singers less than usual, and I think that actually helped. I've been playing with the patches on my modeler, and am finally getting some tone I like. Things are coming together nicely.

I think next week we might start recording again.


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