Orbis Plenus

I love it when things come full circle.

I've been on a couple of mission trips to Belize in Central America. I've written about them before. When we go down there, we parter with a church called Life Changing Ministry in Orange Walk Town, which is the second-largest "city" in the country. The church is pastored by a man named Asuncion Alcoser, or as we call him "Pastor Chon." Pastor Chon oversees several churches in some of the remote villages in Northern Belize. He is a dedicated, annointed man of God.

I've spent many an afternoon resting from the heat on the veranda of his house. (verandas are a necessity, not a luxury in hot places like that) He and his wife have been gracious hosts on many occaisions. So I was truly blessed this week when I was able to have Pastor Chon to my own home. He was here visiting churches in the states that support his ministry. It was great to see him sitting in my yard, in my kitchen, talking to my wife and kids, and being a guest after so much hospitality. he said to me "See, Mike, here I am at your house. God always brings things around full circle."

He also came an spoke at our church Sunday, and we were able to bless him with worship and fellowship as he has blessed us so often. ]

If you've never been on a mission trip, go. Somewhere... Central America, Africa, India, New Orleans, New York City. It doesn't matter. What you gain in terms of relationships and spiritual power are worth all the effort.


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