Worship Confessional July 20

I'm starting to really like this process, as it gives me an opportunity to go back over what we did and make mental notes as to what works and what doesn't. To often in the past, Sundays service was out of mind by Monday morning...

Here's the setlist this week:

  • Welcome to this Place
  • Cover the Earth
  • Blessed be Your Name
  • When the Spirit of the Lord Moves Upon my Heart
  • For Who You Are
  • Better is One Day
  • Give and It Will Come Back to You
  • Blow the Trumpet

The pre-service vamp/noodling (which people are really likeing) included "Hungry", plus parts of one or two others.

"Cover the Earth" is a great song. We never go wrong with this one. Even though it is really high-energy, I prefer playing it on an acoustic. It just sounds better when I really hit it hard. I love watching people get up and jump and put their hands up and sing the chorus.

We crossed up signals on "When the Spirit..." The list had gotten shuffled. Gotta pay more attention. No one really noticed, and Aquim and Justin made a nice save and transition.

"For Who You Are" is getting a good response. We'll pull it out of rotation for a few weeks. We have a couple of new ones to do, including "The Stand" by Hillsong and "Once Again." (We had done that one years ago, in the David Crowder style, but we're revisiting it, more Fusebox-y.)

"Better is One Day" (another oldie) came out pretty good. The congregation has always really liked that song. I let Justin really lead that one instrumentally, and just did some accents, and then came big on the chorus's and the bridge. I think it had a nice sound to it.

We started recording again this week. This time, we are recording in rehearsal instead of during service. That way I can play with mic placement and the mix a little easier. Although some of the songs we did for the last project really benefited from hearing the congregation, the whole thing could have been better. Of course, we're limited by equipment, but we're making do. I listened quick to the raw recording, and we're getting better with the mix than even a few months ago. It's a really challenge, but people are always asking about it, so I think it's important to do. More on that later, I think.


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