Doing Church

Eddie over on CMF linked to this blogpost on a blog called Goodmansion.

It's an interesting read. The crux of it is the way we look at "doing" church - do we lead from the center, or is it something that everyone can buy into and grab a part of?

If church leadership creates a program and tells people they
should attend, it is not the gospel.

I don't know if I agree with this statement wholesale, but I understand the premise. Church is not about being in a particular place in a particular time because we said so, and that's that. On the other hand, it is the job of leadership to inspire others, and also to encourage. Part of that encouragement is to provide events and places to see church in action and to be a part of it. If the church leadership decides (through prayerful leading of the Holy Spirit, hopefully) that there will be, say, a revival or an outreach, there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to show up.

While I agree that " leadership should ensure that people are being taught the gospel as it relates to prayer and the Biblical call to prayer..." for example, part of leadership is walking the walk, so to speak. People need to see leadership praying, leadership evangelizing, leadership standing in the gap for the unborn, whatever. Jesus didn't simply say "Here's what to do, now go do it." He showed them what to do by example, then directed them to go and do what they had seen him doing. You can't lead by example when no one shows up.

That said, I agree completely with " Church leaders should equip others, rather than being a pastor which will create a centrally lead church..." At Gospel Light, we're all about equipping, so I get this. Our main "ministry" is small groups (cells) where people are encouraged to bring others, study, pray, etc... We have a "School of Leaders" where we teach people to become leaders and mentors. Our goal is "Every Believer a Leader." But we still do things together as a church, led by the pastoral team. We still have outreaches that we schedule and encourage everyone to be there - not as a salvation thing or a legal thing, but because events need people to be successful.

People are busy. Sometimes they have to be reminded and encouraged. Even us pastors need that once in a while. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater - there is room to balance programs and church-wide endeavours with smaller, grassroots, self-started efforts.

Of course, you could always hire this kid:


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