Sunday Setlist - September 14th

Week 8 in the Sunday Setlist carnival, hosted at Fred McKinnon's blog.

This weeks's setlist:

Walk in Music:
Revelation Song (Riddle)

Main Set:
One Way (Hillsong)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)
Days of Elijah (Mark)
Revelation Song (Riddle)
Show Me Your Glory (Third Day)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin)

We switched the set around quite a bit in morning rehearsal because it didn't seem to flow well when we played it. We were originally going to do "Every Move I Make," an old Vineyard song, but dropped in in favor of "One Way" to give us a little more energy. We also swapped "Days..." and "Your Grace..." to make it flow better into the slower songs. (We do a very high-energy arrangement of "Your Grace...")

"Revelation Song" was a new song this week. We based our version on the Christ for the Nations Institute, but I think it was originally a Gateway Worship song. It is a powerful song. The congregation got right into it the first time, and really into it the reprise. We start it with me playing the chords on acoustic, and Justin playing the melody with single notes on the piano. We keep it mellow in the verses, and pull out the stops in the choruses.

One cool thing... in the third verse, Elyano, our drummer and I both were led to just stop playing, without any pre-arrangment. It brought the dynamics way down, and made the move back into the chorus that much more powerful. I looked at him as we played the chorus; he gave me a "That was pretty cool" look. We'll have to do that again. I really like this song for congregational worship.


  1. I love it when God just moves musicians to the right thing to do int he moment. That kind of vibe is priceless.

  2. Hey,
    What do you mean by "riddle" on Revelation Song - is there a Jeremy Riddle version of it?

    Actually .. in most cases, everything is CFNI first, then Gateway, haha .. Gateway is like "where you go" after CFNI!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  3. According to CCLI, Jennie Lee Riddle is the composer, and Gateway holds the copyright. The only version I've ever heard is CNFI.

  4. Great job of finding a 'moment' onstage! Love to hear that stuff. You might be interested in my series of posts on 'Finding Moments':


  5. I love Revelation Song, we're adding it into our mix at our church.

  6. "Show Me Your Glory"...I forgot about that one. I love that song.


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