Sunday Setlist - September 28

I'm a little late get this out today, as right after service we loaded up the church bus and went to a rally at the state capitol supporting marriage and families. I'm tired, but not too tired to reflect on a great service, and participate in the Sunday Setlist community at Fred McKinnon's blog.

Today's setlist:

One Way (Houston/Douglass)
Victory Chant (Vogels)
Lord I Lift Your Name on High (Founds)
Once Again (Redman)
Revelation Song (Riddle)
Higher (Fieldes)

We pulled some old ones out today, "Victory Chant" and "Lord I Lift..." It was nice to give the congregation something familiar before the new song, "Once Again." We did that one in a Fusebox style, without the screaming.

I love "Higher." It's such a beautiful worship song. We have a couple of sopranos who can really do it justice. It was a really good almost-medley, "Once Again" into "Revelation Song" Our associate pastor got up after we did "Revelation..." and read Revelation 4. Then we went into "Higher." It was a great moment.


  1. Revelation Song is a really great song...very powerful

  2. Victory Chant. Your drummer loves you today. Lord, I Lift Your Name on High is one of the best songs ever written. Good list.


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