Saturday Musings

I've been looking over the stats. By far, the post that has drawn the most attention on this blog is the one about Sonseed, and their campy 80's ska worship song, "Jesus is a Friend of Mine." Not only does that post have the most hits here, but it's burning up my Youtube channel. There are videos I've had there for months (exclusive content!) that have thirty, forty views. I put that vid up and it's at 1800 in a week, and it must be on a million channels on Youtube. Crazy.

The next most popular posts are all about Michael Guglielmucci. Well, I guess that was big news in my circles. Some news outlets in Australia are reporting that Hillsong is recalling the This is Our God DVD to replace it with a version that does not feature Guglielmucci talking about his cancer. No word on whether or not they plan on pulling the CD and removing Healer. I hope not.

According to my anaytics program, I have some regular readers in Texas, including the Houston area. They should be getting slapped around pretty good as you're reading this by Hurricane Ike. So keep those folks in prayer. And if you are one of the folks near Houston or Corpus, chime in and let us know you're alright.

It's amazing what our reach is these days. Our "Internet Footprint" extends far beyond our normal sphere of influence. I look at how many people read this blog everyday, and am gratified. But I wonder, how far can it go? How big is my footprint? Googling my name does no good. I have a very common name, it seems, including a couple of professors, a TV news guy, an actor from the 50's and 60's (most of whose work is "uncredited" or "deleted scene") and guy who played for the Cubs and Cardinals. My internet "screen name," however, will let you find this blog, some of the forums and boards I belong to, by Boinc stats, what hotel I stay at in Belize, and some issues I've had with both Ubuntu and Media Player. 1200 hits, a lot on pages and indexes I've never even heard of!

I wonder who's been reading this blog from Canada. (It's a little known fact I was born there.) I wonder who's been reading from Singapore, South Africa and Malaysia. Is it you?

I wonder who's reading from Michigan? Why is no one in Vermont reading? You know, sometimes these analytics programs ask more questions than they answer.

So where are you from?


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