Switching it Up

Every once in while, you need to do something different.

Today is our fellowship's annual national meeting. Since we are in the geographic center of the group (Maine to Maryland, with one church in Nevada) we always host the meeting. This has its ups and downs. Up - no travel. Down- we do most of the work.

One thing I like is that we usually run a combined worship team with one of the other churches. It's challenging, because we basically have an hour to rehearse and feel each other out. It's a challenge of musicianship, I think, to the able to be put on the spot like that - new songs with new people and just make it happen. It requires a tremendous surrender to the Spirit to do this in a worship time and pull it off.

I'll be the only musician from our team playing, though our singers will be there. I've had to learn two new songs in two days, and I'll be playing them live with an hour's rehearsal. Talk about a rush. Plus play two other songs I know well, but in different keys, which may even be harder. (and we're keying down, so no capo!)

I just taught a lesson on taking risks at our children's cell last night. Looks like I'll be walking the walk, with the Spirit's help.


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