Today marks the one year anniversary of mikeymo's place. My first "meaty" post was written on May 21st, but May 4th is the day that I decided to blog, opened the account, and wrote some "About Me" stuff. It's been a wild Web 2.0 year, that's for sure.

This little blog has not been Earth-shaking by any stretch. But it's given me the opportunity to reach several thousand people, which I am grateful for. If you are a regular reader, then you have my thanks and appriciation.

Back in November, I summarized the blog over the first 150 posts. This is actually post #299. That's some pretty good symmetry. So here's some more stat-ho goodness:

Most Read Post: Album Review - The Power of One - Israel Houghton. (3/30/09)

Runner up: Sonseed!

Most Referrals (besides Google) : Fred McKinnon. Bro, you still are the man!
Runner up: Facebook.

Most hits from country out of 80 (besides the U.S.): United Kingdom.
Runner up: Australia.

Most hits from state out of 51 (besides Connecticut): California
Runner up: Texas

Most Comments in a non-setlist post: Which God
Runner Up: (several-way tie, actually)

Busiest Day: April 07, 2009. (The day after Israel Houghon reposted my review)

Most Common Keyword: "Dave Mulhefeld" (What? The guy who wrote the freecreditreport.com jingles?)

Top 5 Keywords: "Dave Mulhefeld" "One God" "mikeymo" "Kari Jobe" "Sonseed"

Oddest Keyword: "Erasemus Mutanbira" (composer of Alpha and Omega)

Runner up: "who is Kari Jobe married?" (Am I really a source for stuff like this?)

Apparently my most common user runs Windows XP, IE7 at 1024x768 32 bit and connects via DSL. And speaks English, although I'm apparently big in Portuguese, Spanish and Korean.

Fourteen percent of my total visitors have 200+ visits. I don't know if that's good, but welcome back!

It's been great to be able to express, discuss, and plain ol' ramble. (Lot's of rambling, actually.) Most of the comments have been thoughtful and supportive.

Here's to another year!


  1. Dude..>AWESOME.congrats man...cant wait to meet ya in person


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