Sunday Setlist - May 24

Today was a great worship service at Gospel Light Community Church. It comes in the middle of a busy weekend, culminating tommorrow with our Memorial Day beach outreach. It was a gorgeous day - sunny and mid-seventies - and just a great day to be reminded of God's goodness and provision.

Today's set:

He Reigns (Furler/Taylor)(C)

Main Set:

Say So (Gungor/Houghton)(E)
Turn it Around (Houghton/Lindsey)(E)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)(G)
Mighty to Save (Fielding/Morgan)(A)

I found some sweet tone today. I was just loving how everything was sounding after I made some changes to my Korg multi. I found a good group of setting that worked really well with the Bad Monkey pedal, and so I was in Happytown this morning.

"He Reigns" and "Say So" were pretty much straight up. We've recorded them both for our upcoming album, so they are very familar. For "God of Wonders" we try to stay pretty true to a Third Day-style, although with only one guitar. But it's a great song, and we love doing it. We extended the ending for a while to let people continue to worship.

We spent a lot of time on "Turn it Around" in rehearsal. We play it a lot, so it was time to look at the arrangement for a little freshness. (It was the only song we pulled a chart for - the song memorization thing is going well.) We worked mainly on the bridge, throwing in a couple of modulations up, and took some cues from the Alive in South Africa version. Plus, Justin loved using the thunder sound at the end of the song!

We switched up "Mighty to Save" a little as well. We've spent a lot of time with it lately, so again, we wanted something fresh. Since I was using the Korg multi, I had my RP-50 in the chain for the acoustic, and used a wah setting for the intros and verses, kicking it off for the chorus and bridge. The RP has always had the tendency to attenuate the volume in certain patches, but in this case, the effect worked to my advantage. We played that song for quite a while as well, because it really seemed to be connecting (as it usually does.)

So, how was your Sunday? Check out Fred McKinnon's blog for more setlists...


  1. you're recording an album? Props! I do a lot of israel houghton stuff, so it's great to find other leaders so inclined. Thanks for sharing!


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