Sunday Setlist - May 17

Busy day for me this Sunday, which is why this is so delayed. Let's star with the setlist at Gospel Light Community Church:


Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)(C)

Main Set:

Cover the Earth (Houghton/Cruse-Ratcliff/Houghton)(G)
Friend of God (Gungor/Houghton)(E)
Lord I Lift Your Name on High (Founds)(G)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin)(G)
Oh Lord, You're Beautiful (Green)(D)

I was actually not at Sunday morning service this week, as we had an annual family event. My father's club hosts a kid's day every year, where kids get to fish, target shoot and do archery. So that's where I spent my day. Josh was also not there, as he had been invited to preach in a church in the Bronx. So Justin (@jujoleph) not only led vocals, but led music as well, and from all reports, did an outstanding job. Way to go Justin!

All is not lost, however, as this Sunday was the occaision for our monthly joint worship service with Beacon of Light church in Waterbury. BOL is a church we planted several years ago, and each month we ge together with them to worship. Also this month, we had invited some members of Sword of the Spirit Christian Church right here in Bridgeport.

Our short worship set looked like this:

Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton)(E)
Friend of God (Gungor/Houghton)(E)
Shout to the Lord (Zschech)(A)

We did "Again I Say Rejoice" and "Friend of God" as a medley. "Shout to the Lord" was a song we haven't done in a while, but it's a great song for this kind of service. When people come out to a second service on a Sunday, they are there because they want to worship, and that soaring anthem really has a place in that kind of environment.

Pastor William and his wife Pastor Gayle from Sword of the Spirit then treeated us to a rousing, gospel rendition of I've Got a River of Life. (Casebolt) We used to do that song a lot, years ago, so it was familiar to everyone at Gospel Light. Beacon of Light then shared a couple of original songs with us. (At least I think they were original!)

Send Judah First was then up to minister. First up was an a capella rendition of Awesome God. (Mullins) followed by a full-on version of Come Thou Almighty King (Wright). Then a couple of our young women sang an a capella version of So Close. That part of the service was rounded off with Sister Cathy singing an amazing rendition of He Looked Beyond My Faults. (Rambo)

All in all, even with the missed service, I did church last night!! And it was a great day of music and worship.

Check out Fred McKinnon's blog for other churches and worship recaps.


  1. I'm seeing "Shout to the Lord" pop up on set-lists quite a bit here lately. Great classic.

  2. Man, great list, especially the build to the end on the main set. Sounds like a cool thing your dad does with the kids.

  3. It looks like it was a great day!

  4. Shout to the Lord is one of my favorites from yesteryear.

    Great list, and great recap!


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