From the Studio - Take 10

I can smell it. Can you smell it?

I was starting to think that the record is taking way to long to do. But then, I realized that I've also been following the bro's over in the David Crowder Band while they've been recording their new record, Church Music. And they've been at it for over thirty full days, and they are professional musicians. We've basically been at it for thirteen three-hour sessions. So hour-for-hour, we're way out front. (But then, DC*B spends a lot of studio time eating and cutting the lawn, apparently...

But I can smell it. We've been recording vocals, and now the songs are starting to sound like songs. I've sensed some renewed anticipation, even thought this has really been a surprisingly tiring process. It's coming, and it's gonna be better than we thought.

But on to last night! The musicians once again assembled into Read's Artspace to do some bid'ness. The plan:

  • Completely re-track "We Prepare the Way"
  • Drum track on "Mighty to Save"
  • Vocals - verses on "Mighty to Save" and "Say So."

There's the plan, and we were sticking to it! First up, was the drum track for "Mighty to Save." We had recorded the track over a percussion loop that Gabby had made. Everything was seriously on the money, and it was time for Chris to make his first appearance in the studio to lay the drums. He did not fail to impress. His first run-through was on the money as far as timing. Just a couple of parts of uncertainty toward the end. Take two was perfect through the first two verses and choruses, but he lost his way a bit in the bridge. So he punched in on the bridge, and did the rest. All in all, I think there were four takes. Not bad for his first time in. And what it did to the song was amazing.

Next up was to redo "We Prepare the Way." We had, honestly, kind of rushed it a bit two weeks ago. We decided to scrap it and start over. We began with keys, bass and drums on the first take. The foundation of the song was done in two takes, after a small hardware issue. ProTools crashed for no reason in the middle of a take. (And here I though Mac's never had crashes. I should have known better!) I then did the acoustic part over that, one and out, and that song was done. And seriously, it was worlds better than the first take.

On to vocals. Elyano was first up. We're splitting the verses on "Mighty to Save" between him and Laura. She's doing the first verse, him the second. She had recorded last week. He did his parts - oh my goodness! It was so good. We are double-tracking the lead vocals, which means that there will be two takes recorded and played together. One take will be back in the mix, and adds flavor and depth to the vocal. The problem is this: as a singer you need to sing two near-identical takes. There are plugins that can doubletrack automatically, but they don't sound as good.

So Elyano ran his second take and was done. Time for Justin. He was doing the entire lead for "Say So." The verses are short, but it's hard for a "live" singer to sing by himself. But he did a great job - two verses, doubletracked.

I also listed to the tracks Esther recorded last week for "Draw Me Close to You." The song sounds absolutely incredible. She was definitely stepping up her game when singing the leads. All in all, it was a great, productive night.

Next week will be all vocals. We'll set the plan on Sunday when the vocalists rehearse. We're also going to try to shoot the cover photo Sunday afternoon. We are going to shoot on at a local park, which has an old stone bridge that literally goes nowhere.

We also are starting to think hard about packaging and duplication. We're going to have to make some choices this month - who to have do it, what kind of packaging, etc... But it won't be long now!


  1. I'd love to hear how it's coming together - well done.

    Re crashing, yup, Macs crash just like any other PC. Mine has frozen a couple of times now. Maybe you should have been using that Stubuntu build?

  2. Michael MahoneyMay 1, 2009 at 3:31 PM

    I'll have to see to it that you get the UK's first copy!


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