Last night was an interesting experience. I was watching the finale of American Idol. For those of you who have just awoken from an eight-plus year coma, American Idol is a part talent show, part popularity contest, part Dead Pool handicapping show for fading rock stars. (Oh, Lionel Ritchie is still alive? I had him...)

But I digress. What was interesting about last night was that I was also logged onto Twitter and Facebook (via Tweetdeck) and was getting and giving comments about the show. Let me tell you something - events like this are what Twitter was made for. It's right in its wheelhouse.

I imagine it was a strange experience for my friends on the west coast like Tyler and Brent, who were not going to see the show for three hours, and here are all of us east-coasters, giddily tweeting away about who's on the show, what they're wearing and how the acts are.
Now that it's all over, and the correct Idol has won (you got it right, America! Worship leaders rep-ree-sent-in!) I can openly chat about it. I had promised that I would not tweet about the winner, but there were a flurry of tweets about Kris winning by 10:02 EDT anyway.

Here's some of my tweet-stream during the show:

I think #idol might have jumped the shark with "Bikini Girl."

Oh yeah, they did. Although I did laugh pretty heartily at Ryan's quip about what was new with Bikini Girl.

Cyndi Lauper still got it! #idol

To which 20 year old Justin replied:

@mikeymo1741 who is cyndi lauper????? never heard of her

That's just sad. But her duet of "Time After Time" with Allison Iraheta was right on the money, dulcimer and all, and showed that she still has mad pipes.

If Elvis and Simon LeBon had a kid, his name would be Adam Lambert. #idol

I like the kid, he can sing, he's got good presence, and seems to have a good attitude. He wasn't my choice, but I'm not into the whole glam thing anymore. I think Adam does look a bit like Elvis, but dresses a lot like Simon LeBon circa Arena. I know Justin is probably asking "Who's Simon LeBon?"

Someone tell Paul Stanley that writhing on the stage at 56 ain't cool. #idol

That was just sad. Plus, Lambert and Gene Simmons would make a great "New Kiss." That Tweet got retweeted some, so apparently others feel the same. Hence this:

RT @inworship: RT @shameonyoko Paul Stanley just rolled over in his grave with that #idol performance. What? He's still alive? // Hahaha!!!

'nuf said.

What's Sir Rodney, like 90? #idol

RT @INHISGRIP: RT @shawnwood Seriously is anyone younger than 65 going to sing on AI finale? Rod Stewarts jacket is older than @Chrissligh

Seriously, I am glad they stopped singing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" before Rod came out. Because 7500 people in the Nokia Theater would have yelled "NO!" Well, maybe except for Paula. It was as sad as George Michael on the finale last year. And that thing with the Black-eyed Peas was just disturbing. And I wish they had let Steve Martin actually play some banjo, because I happen to know that boy can play!

After they dragged out Lionel Ritchie, I posted this thought:

Who's next, #idol? Fats Waller?

I mean really. Not that it was all lame. Besides the aformentioned appearance by Lauper, I though that Kris Allen singing with Keith Urban seriously rocked. You can't go wrong when Carlos Santana and a guitar are on the same stage. And then there was Queen. How do you not love Queen? Here's how:

How do you NOT let Brian May play a solo, #idol ?

I mean, he's Brian-freaking-May! Bad job, Ricky Minor. But seriously, Adam's got the chops to do Freddie Mercury justice. Forget Kiss, he should be the new frontman for Queen. (no chuckles...)

Finally, there was this gem from the left-coast, that hit my TweetDeck about 10:05.

RT @inworship: I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when Adam wins tonight._________

Um, sorry, Brent.


  1. I decided to watch the last 20 minutes on justin.tv instead of trying to avoid everything social media for 5 hours. What an upset win for Kris.

  2. brent(inWorship)May 21, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    You know what's funny about my last tweet...I wrote it in as a text to tweet. I was trying text to tweet out with my phone earlier in the day and it appeared in the main time line right as Kris was announced. Talk about crazy!

    But, I think it will be prophetic. Adam will be one of the largest selling most successful Idol artists ever. Watch :)

  3. I probably agree with you. The guy is crazy-talented. And winning Idol is no guarantee of success, just like losing is not a failure.

    In the end, I think Kris picked up the "Danny" vote more than Adam did. Largely because he's more approchable as an artist in a lot of ways.

  4. brent(inWorship)May 21, 2009 at 1:23 PM

    I agree!

  5. "In the end, I think Kris picked up the "Danny" vote more than Adam did. Largely because he's more approchable as an artist in a lot of ways."

    I agree with you on that completely.

    "Adam's got the chops to do Freddie Mercury justice. Forget Kiss, he should be the new frontman for Queen. (no chuckles...) "
    Interesting, because I saw/heard that completely the opposite. Adam certainly has the control and the range to hit all the notes. He does NOT have the tone of Freddie. Adam get shrieky, shrill in the upper register. I thought that the Queen song showcased his limitations. It also demonstrated what a brilliant decision he made singing Led Zep during the Rock week instead a Queen song. Frankly, I think Adam sounded much better on the Kiss songs.

  6. I should probably clarify. I think Adam did Freddy justice - as well as anyone ever could.

    Honestly, anytime anyone on Idol does anything that Freddy or Steve Perry sang, I go "Oh, no.." But I think he did as credible a job with Queen as anyone could. Besides, it seems that almost no one can find decent tone on Idol these days.

    And while he has more "vintage Paul Stanley" vocal chops than Paul Stanley does currently, to me he is too refined and almost fragile to pull off KISS effectively. Close my eyes and listen - yes! But watch it... I'm not so sure. Maybe he needs more makeup.

    You are right about the Zepp. Plant was a screecher, so Adam can pull that off well!

    Thanks for the comments, Eddy!


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