Song of the Week - One Way - Hillsong United

For this week's "Song of the Week," we will continue the series focusing on the upcoming Gospel Light Worship album Prepare. This week's song is One Way by Hillsong United.

Similar to "Tell the World" in style and feel, "One Way" is a heart-pounding anthem, one that is at once easily singable and fun. The opening drum beats quickly allow the listener to identify the song, and the simple message is proclaimed with a an enthusiastic, if simple, chorus.

One way, Jesus. You're the only one that I could live for!

The song was really one that obviously belongs on the record, and is actually a compliment to "Tell the World." The message is simple: Jesus is the only way. The lyrics echo John 14:6 and 2Corinthians 5:7 :

You are the Way the Truth and the Life, we live by faith and not by sight. For you, we're living all for you."

Written by Jonathan Douglass and Joel Houston, the song first showed up on Hillsong United's 2004 album More than Life. It's also on 2008's The I Heart Revolution in a more energetic and perfomance-oriented form. While we don't rock it out as much as the latter version, we do play it more uptempo than the original. We keep it in the original key of B as well. It is (with "Tell the World" the most upbeat of the tunes on the record.

Here is United doing the song in the More Than Life arrangement:


  1. I quite like the song but have yet to hear an arrangement/cover that sounds good, and it definitely requires the right person leading it. We have done it a couple of times, but the worship leader who did it has been called elsewhere, and there's no-one left who could carry it properly. I may just be me, but it feels like it needs more 'classic rock' with careful tones and punctuation and less blink182 wall of fuzz.

    I AM a fussy git though.


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