Setlist Recap - Memorial Day Edition

I'm doing another worship setlist recap for this week for our Memorial Day outreach and picnic. Every Memorial Day and Labor day, Gospel Light packs up and heads for the beach, where we do a large picnic (that is open to everyone) and a short street meeting-type service. Yesterday, we had absolutely perfect weather, a great turnout, and a wonderful service.

We started off with a short worship set:

You Are Good (Houghton) (E)
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)(C)
Amazing Grace (Newton)(D)

We chose these songs because they are familar and easy in an environment where there is no lyric projection, and there are many people who do not regularly attend a church. "You Are Good" is a great song to draw people in, especially when the congregation is singing and clapping. And of course, "Amazing Grace" is instantly familiar to everyone.

We continue to struggle with power issues at these outreaches. For the last couple of years, we've been using a power inverter to run everything, but this time, it overloaded whenever anything was simply plugged into it. We located a police officer, who located a Parks Department supervisor, who gave us permission to run power from one of the bathhouses, but that meant a 200 foot run of extension cords. We were getting some voltage drop and the PA was cutting out during the first song, until our quick-thinking sound team taped up the electical connections. We had no issues after that. We're going to need a better solution in the future.

After the worship team and some testimony time, Send Judah First came up to sing:

Come Thou Almighty King (Wright)(F)
He Is Exalted (Paris)(E)

We do our own arrangement of "He Is Exalted" which is really nice. After that, we had Sister Lashana from Beacon of Light Church sing a solo. She has an amazing voice, and can really bring life to some of the older hymns. She sang I Surrender All (Van Deventer/Weeden) a capella, and really struck a chord with a lot of people.

Following that solo was the message. I gave a short, evangelistic word out of Ephesians 3, regarding the dimensions of God's love. We followed that up with an invitiation and altar call, first playing Your Love is Deep (Smith/Collins/Kirksey) and Lashana reprising "I Surrender All." Several people asked for prayer, and at least one man (who was riding by on a bicycle) stopped and accepted the Lord.

All in all, it was a great day - all you could ask for from an outreach. I'm looking forward to Labor Day already. More picures can be found in the photo album.

This recap will be added to Fred McKinnon's setlist carnival for this week.


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