Sunday Setlist - May 3

The first Sunday of May at Gospel Light Community Church, and spring is in the air. Even though it was a little rainy, it was great seeing people shed their winter coats and enjoy the warmer weather. Onto the setlist:

Opening Song:

The Heart of Worship (Redman)(G)

Main Set:

Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)
You Are Good/Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton/Lindsey)(E)
For Who You Are (Sampson)(B)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)(G)
For Who You Are (reprise)
Power of Your Love (Bullock)(G)

The opening song was supposed to be "I Can Only Imagine." didn't work out that way. We usually open the sanctuary twenty minutes before service for prayer. During that time, we'll provide a litte background music. Usually it starts with one or two of us, with others drifting in and joining. At 10:30, we start the opening song.

Today, I was on acoustic at the time, just noodling, and Justin said "Hey, play 'Heart of Worship.'" As the team members came in, the congregation started singing, and so we just stayed with it until service started.

We like to do "You are Good" and "Again I Say Rejoice" as a medley, similar to the way it's done on the Alive in South Africa album. We actually do both songs completely, but use the transition off the album. So after the tag in "You Are Good," we jump back into the bridge, then count off on to the bridge of "Again I say Rejoice." If you've never heard it, it goes like this: "You are good, all the time, and all the time, you are good... two, three, four, O that men, would praise His name..." I love it! It worked perfectly this week.

I think that we've never played "God of Wonders" better than we did today, really. We started it really slow, in the chorus, almost a capella. Just slow singing, repeating the "You are holy" line a few times, finally holding the note on the "holy," then coming in with the intro, regular tempo. It sounded great. But then the rest of the song matched it, and we just kept singing it and singing it, and the congregation was really letting go. I don't think any of us wanted the moment to end.

After that, Pastor Jim came to the front and said he felt that someone was in need of a healing today. He encouraged whoever it was to just realize that they could just approach God in worship, and then asked us to play "For Who You Are" again. As we moved into "The Power of Your Love," I can hardly remember a time where the congregations voices were lifted as high in worship.

This is part of a group of worship confessionals hosted at Fred McKinnon's blog. Check them all out!


  1. Great set list- I love You Are Good/Again I say that's always afun transition! :) SOunds like your congregation was gettin after it today! How awesome!

  2. Goosebumps. Man, that sounds awesome.

  3. This sounds so Spirit filled! Great set list!

  4. Sounds like an awesome day! I love it when you can hear the congregation singing loudly.

  5. Love that you were led [and went] to a different direction then planned.


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