Back to School, Sort of.

I wrote a little while ago about how I got invited by Integrity to be one of the first people to go through the Integrity Worship Institute, a worship arts-related course of study at Columbia Southern University.  So, I did all the registering, signing-up and such over the last couple of weeks.

The first course I was registered in was called Integrity Student Orientation. It was a short little workshop to make sure the student understands the process, can navigate around the website, and can find all the resources that CSU has to offer.  I was surprised (pleasantly) to find that IWI participants have full student privileges at CSU's online campus.

I am now enrolled in the first actual class, called Heaven's Protocol: Discover the Pathway into God's Manifest Presence.  The course description is as follows:

This study proposes that Christian worship is guided by a “protocol”, a pathway designed by the Lord Himself to insure that believers can make their way safely into His presence. The course invites worshipers to consider four biblical steps into God’s presence: thanksgiving, praise, worship, and glory.

This is an eight-week course, culminated by a seven-page research paper.  According to the syllabus, there will also be two written assignments a week, plus an online discussion question.    

So stay tuned as I dive in.   I might add that Alastair Vance and Joel Klampert from The Joint will be joining me in this endeavor, so be sure to subscribe to their blogs as well.   


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