Sunday Setlist - June 27

So this was a completely "out of the ordinary" day for us at Gospel Light Community Church.   For one, we cancelled service.  Well, not entirely.

Our city is the home of the famous P. T. Barnum, and each year the city hosts the Barnum Festival, a series of events designed to generate some hometown civic pride.  The centerpiece of the Festival is the Great Street Parade, one of the largest annual events in the city.

We decided to take the opportunity to extend the church beyond the walls.  So, instead of sitting in our nice air-conditioned building and having service, we hit the streets on a ninety-degree day to share the Good News and do a little neighborhood outreach.   We went out in teams and handed out tracts and invitations to our church, and shared with as many people as would listen.  I'm happy to say that some or our teams got to pray with people, and at least one man already showed up at the church after having accepted the Lord!!

Our KidzPort team loaded rolling coolers with ice cold bottles of water, and went up both sides of the parade route, handing out free water and invitations.  Just the five of us talked to a close to a hundred people!

Of course,  there was worship.  Our worship team led it's usual twice-monthly service at Lighthouse Fellowship Church, and then we did a short worship set at Gospel Light before heading out.   We did the same set at both churches:

Tell the World (Houston)(G)
History Maker (Smith)(G)
Rescue (Anderson)(D)

We returned to the church after the parade to share testimonies, and I can tell you, they were amazing!

So, how was your Sunday?  Check others at The Worship Community.  

And while your at it, check our our new album!  


  1. It sounds like just an amazing day!


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