Sunday Setlist - June 13

Busy day for us today at Gospel Light, and especially for me.  But...  what a great day so far!!  

Today was our twice-monthly week to lead worship at Lighthouse Fellowship Church, plus it was my day to preach the sermon, so I've been running on some serious Holy Spirit fuel all day.   So let's get the ball rolling!   Here's the set at Gospel Light:


History Maker (Smith)(G)

Main Set:

Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes)(C)
All Because of Jesus (Fee)(C)
The Heart of Worship (Redman/Redman)(D)
All I Need is You (Sampson)(E)


Victory Chant (Vogles)(G>A)

"Happy Day" was a new tune for us.  I did it once at a men's encounter and it went over well, and I've played it before with a band, so we introduced it today.  It went over very well, I would say.   It's an easy song to get caught up into and catch the energy of.   Plus it's seriously fun to play.    We also did "All I Need is You" for the second week.  We really worked hard on dynamics this week, and it came out in the end result.

We also had a great time worshiping with Lighthouse, where we go twice month between our rehearsal and service.   Our bishop was over there for the worship time, and it was really a powerful time.  It's much more intimate with the smaller congregation, but no less moving.

Lighthouse set:

Freedom (Bushard)(B)
Victory Chant (Vogles)(G>A)
The Heart of Worship (Redman/Redman)(A)

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