Fait Accompli

I just realized that I never posted anything about the fact that the album has been completed, and is now available!   Holy cow!  

I've been so tied up in getting the word out through other channels, that I completely forgot to post it here.  Setting up online accounts and stores, press releases, etc.   But let's back up.

I posted a couple of weeks ago that we had shipped everything off to get duplicated and manufactured.  A lot has happened since then.   During the intervening time, we've been listed on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.   We received the physical CDs from Discmakers.  We've handed out the pre-orders and started selling copies.  The reception has been, well, gratifying.

The whole point of this project was as an outreach to people.  Yes, there are costs involved, so we have to sell it.  But everything goes back into the ministry - no one personally is getting any money from this.  The song selection is specifically supposed to invoke thoughts of moving toward Christ.  We're hoping that people take this music to heart.  We're hoping that people give the album to people they know who are still seeking to define their relationship with God, and that people use if for inspiration for their own personal worship.  We don't want to sell records as much as we hope to touch hearts.

So please, give it a listen.  If you want to know more about it, check out the Prepare microsite.  It has details on the songs, the people involved in the project, and a page of links for various purchasing options.

One note:  Thanks to everyone at Discmakers and CDBaby.  They did an amazing job.  I'll detail that process in another post, but suffice it to say, give them a look if you need duplication/packaging services.


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