Integrity Worship Institute- Four Weeks In

So I just started my fourth week of the Integrity Worship Institute.  I wrote about how the first course I'm taking is called Heaven's Protocol: Discover the Pathway Into God's Manifest Presence. I've completed three weeks of the program, which means I've participated in three online discussions, taken three quizzes, and written six papers so far.  

Pros:   The courses are well organized and thoughtful.   I'm enjoying the discussions, and I am getting to know my "classmates" pretty well.  There are folks in small churches, large churches, worship leaders, students, and people just interested in worship as a vocation.  Most of all, I am getting to see the worship process through new eyes.  The lessons so far have made me rethink my own worship attitudes.

Cons:  The weekly assessment troubles me, as I disagree with some of the answers, and there is not a lot of opportunity to discuss that.  Also, the writing assignments, especially the "Word of Worship" research papers, seem somewhat redundant.   I'm wondering if this is to gauge progress, but there has been no clear explanation of that.

All-in-all, it has so far been an enjoyable and enlightening experience.  I have to register for the second semester soon.  The second course seems to be "Theology of Worship" - I am looking forward to that.


  1. Disagreeing with certain theological aspects is not necessarily a bad thing: worship is not tightly defined in scripture, and God has often highlighted different aspects to different individuals, and provided we're both gracious to each other and able to view our understanding in the broader light of scripture then it's usually good. The one thing that makes warning bells ring is when someone requires that a formula or protocol is followed as THE RIGHT WAY to worship.

  2. The specific question I was thinking about was more practical than theological, but your point is taken. Fortunately, they are not ramming particular theology down anyone's throat, in this course, anyway. The next one is a Theology of Worship course.

  3. Sometimes theres not a large distance between theology and practice, but good point too.

  4. Good point.

    I see by your IP that you're home. The trip sounded awesome!

  5. Yup, back in the Yew Kay. It was a good time, and being home is a bit of a shock to the system really.

    One of the great things about being away for 2 weeks is that it can break the connection with habits, and give you a chance to step back and see them freshly. I'm coming to realise a part of me no longer loves staring at a computer screen, although there's still another part that enjoys it.


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