Vermont Mobile Blogging - Day 2 #fb

Well, I'm officially disgusted with the weather service. When I checked the weather for this week on Sunday, Burlington was supposed to be sunny to partly cloudy all week. So last night's rainstorm was not very welcome. We've done plenty of camping in the rain, so no big deal there, but it was overcast until 1pm today.

We skipped the beach and went to the wonderful Church Street Marketplace. It's an open air mall and restaurant row, and is my favorite part of Burlington. We were joined for lunch by Jillian, the daughter of friends of ours whom we've known all her life.

For dinner, we cooked out at the beach with Peggy and David, twenty-year friends and Jillian's parents.

Tonight is smores by the campfire, and fighting off an armada of Lake Champlain mosqitos. This was some really needed and welcome downtime.


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