Sunday Setlist - Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day to everyone out there in Blogland!!   (and if you're not reading this on Sunday, and judging by my stats, you're not, Happy Belated Father's Day!!!)

Holidays like this are always something special at many churches, and it's no different at Gospel Light.   So  let's start off with todays set:


Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)

Main Set:

Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes)(C)
Glory to God Forever (Beeching/Fee)(C)
Once Again (Redman)(D)
Came to My Rescue (Davies/Sampson/Thomas)(C)
How He Loves (McMillan)(B)


Freedom (Bushard)(B)

Positives:  Everything sounded amazing today.  The mix was great, the instruments sounded good, vocals were awesome.  Negatives:  We struggled with the transitions a little bit, and there was a little too much piano in "Glory to God Forever."  It sounded a little lounge-y.   Other than that, thought, it was a great worship service.

We did a long instrumental break after "Came to My Rescue," which was supposed to be the last song.  But Josh called an audible, and asked for "How He Loves."  Now,  we had never played it together, never rehearsed it, never sung it for the congregation.  It could have been a trainwreck, but the Holy Spirit kept it together.   Even though we didn't have any lyrics for the congregation, they engaged with the song very well.  Most of them seemed to know it. (Who doesn't, really?)   You can judge for yourself how we did, as we have the Cailynn-cam for you below.  (Keep in mind it was filmed on a point-and-shoot camera, so don't be judgin' the audio!)

We had a special time of testimony and blessing for all the fathers in attendance as well.  Our new youth pastor, Daniel, prayed over the fathers, and all received a gift from Pastor Pedro.

So share how your service went, and check out some others at The Worship Community.


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