Sunday Setlist - June 6

Off the hook day today at Gospel Light Community Church, for our church's 28th anniversary celebration, and for a great day of worship.   It was a hot one, to be sure...   people were diving from their cars on this broiling, humid day to get into the air conditioning.   But inside was a different story...  sun streaming through the windows, and praises going up.    Here's the setlist:

Opening Song:

All I Need  (Sampson)(E)

Main Set:

Glory to God Forever (Fee/Beeching)(B)
We Cry Out (Johnson)(C#)
Rescue (Anderson)(D)
Grace that is Greater (Hamilton/Johnson)(Eb) - chorus
Hosanna (Fraser)(E)


Montana (Gonzales/Gonzales/Gonzales)(Am)

"All I Need is You" was a new song this week.   We've been working on it for a while, and I decided to put it in as the opening song.  It will be in the main set next week, I think.   The congregation seemed to take well to it.   We do it closer to the Jesus Culture arrangement than the original Hillsong way.  Daniel did a good job with it, given that no one is really Kim Walker.  The congregation really seemed to get into it, even though it was a walk-in song.  So much so that today's moderator had some comments about the song.

"Grace That is Greater" wasn't on the setlist, but Daniel was leading "Rescue" and went into it, and it was perfect.  He just did the chorus, and led into a time of free worship, and then we kicked into "Hosanna."   I'm really starting to get comfortable with my FloorPOD, and things sounded awesome, especially with Chris playing bass, and from what I'm told, Israel did a great job on the FOH mix.

Now for the shameless plug...   did you know our new album was out?

So how did your service go?  Check out others at The Worship Community.


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