Bigger Than the Man

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a history buff. I watch the History Channel more than I'd probably admit casually. If I "had it to do all over again" I might get a degree in history. Last night I watched several hours of an excellent series on HC called "The Presidents."

Obviously, this focus on the POTUS, as the Secret Service calls him, comes as a result of the fact that there is another Presidential inauguration today. At noon today, E.S.T, Barack Hussein Obama will become President of the United States.

This is more than a job; it is a thing. The Presidency is, in fact, bigger than the man. As I was watching the histories of presidents throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, I became struck by how unique each of these men was.

Romans 13 states that "there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God." Throughout the last 220 years, God has placed these men in this position, to govern us, to lead us, and (in some cases) as judgement on us. Only history will tell if President Obama is a blessing or a curse on this nation. But I can tell you one thing: the recovery of this nation lies as much with us as it does with him.

Steve wrote it well yesterday: "The current mess we find ourselves in isn't due any one political party or even ideology. It's due to one thing, and one thing only: entitlement." You're absolutely right, Steve. This nation (and I have been as guilty of this as anyone) does not believe in living within one's means. We have grown into a nation of faux-aristocrats, entitled to our homes and cars and computers and dinners out and vacations, ad infinitum. Some of the young people who work for me have such a bad work ethic it's staggering.

This is not an indictment of an entire generation; there are many young people I know that are hard-working, industrious and God-fearing. This is an indictment of all of us - because to some degree, we all have created this monster, and have allowed it to grow.

On the other hand, I am proud of this nation. I'm proud, because we have turned a page. I was not certain that we would ever see an African American elected President in my parents' lifetime. This is a huge step forward for us, a country built on the ironic twin foundations of inclusionism and racism.

Be clear - I was not, and am not, a supporter of Barak Obama. To paraphrase Dr. King, I do not object to him based on the color of his skin, but on the content of his character. Barak Obama scares me. I'm scared that he is going to weaken protections for the unborn, that he is going to weaken the God-given institution of marriage, that he is going to weaken this mighty nation.

That said, he is still - as of noon today- my President. He is deserving (and needing) of our prayers. Grumbling about a lost election will do no good. It's time to get out and do what we're supposed to be doing.


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