Sunday Setlist - January 11

We did an acoustic set today, as some of the team were away at the youth encounter. So just me on guitar, Laura leading vocals, Mariah and Samir backing.


Finding Who We Are (Shamburger)

Main Set:

Beautiful One (Hughes)
Mighty to Save (Morgan)
Praise Adonai (Baloche)
Higher (Fieldes)
Arms of Love (Musseau)/The Stand(Houston)

I find that even though Kutless is pretty heavy, their songs are suited for acoustic. So are Hillsong's. Last time we did an acoustic set I went heavy on the Third Day, so I gave that a rest. "Praise Adonai" continues to be one of my favorite acoustic songs.

I got the idea to combine "Arms of Love" and "The Stand from Fred last week. SSCC did "The Stand" and "Mighty to Save", but we do those in two different keys, and it didn't really fit for me. "Arms of Love" is a great song... we played the first two verses, then into the pre-chorus of "The Stand," then into verse one. After the chorus of "The Stand," we went back to the chorus of "Arms of Love." Confused? Me too. But it sounded great - in rehearsal. We wound up ending on "Higher." Just seemed to be the right moment. We sang "Arms of Love" for a fellowship time, but we need to come back to the medley.

I just listened to the board mix - wow. It sounded much better than I was expecting. I'll try to get some clips up this week.

See what others did in worship this week in Fred's blog.


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