Song of the Week - Can You Feel It? - David Crowder* Band

I've been listening to this song all week, so it's a bit of a natural. I don't really know why. It just seems to have struck me. It is also my daughter Shannon's favorite, so maybe that plays into it.

The band does this song early in their Remedy Tour setlist. (I know, I've seen it twice!) It's usually kind of blended with "Everything Glorious." It has a really cool groove to it, kind of a "What is Love." by Haddaway feel. In fact, this song could be placed right into one of the SNL The Roxbury Guys skits without missing a beat. Very punny, I know.

It's started with some serious drumming by B-Whack. It is actually a very simple song. The verse just repeats...

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
The love in this place, can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
The grace in this place, can you feel it?

I think Crowder makes his songs so simple to encourage singing. I've heard him say on more than one occaision that his key choices are based on the fact that people have to sing higher keys louder. Singing along is a requirement at a David Crowder* Band concert.

The song follows a narrative progression, explaining faith in a way. The first chorus:

"When I can't feel you there
I can't see you there
I can't comprehend that you are there
You are there, you're everywhere
You are everywhere..."

The second chorus substitues "we" for "I" as it goes. The bridge is just a repetition of the phrase "Our God is here!" which then goes into the final chorus :

"We believe you're here
We can feel you here
We can see you here
We believe you're here!"

This is a pretty tough song to pull off without a Mac full of loops and one cool piano, even though it's only five chords. (Mainly F#m, E2, B2 with the odd A and D thrown in.) Oh yeah, and an electric violin. The piano work is a little different as well. B-Whack is a looping master, and his loop are a staple of the distinctive Crowder sound.

So instead, just sit back and watch.


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