Song of the Week - Bring Me Home - Me!

This is unusual for me, as I don't like to toot my own horn. (Actually, I do, but that's a different post...)

I've been intrugued by the self-challenges made by Russ and Mandy this year to increase their songwriting output. While I don't think that time will permit me the luxury of writing a song a week, I would like to attempt one a month this year. And if I can write twelve songs this year, then one of them has to be good, no? I mean, throw enough pancake batter at the wall, and something will stick.

So, to kick that off, I'm making the Song of the Week this week the first song I ever wrote : "Bring Me Home."

I wrote this ditty in 2006. I remember disctinctly the message one week was about revival. Pastor Jim said something that I still remember to this day, as if it were yesterday. He said "Revival requires new songs." I thought a lot about that in the following weeks. About two weeks later, I was again sitting in church listening to the sermon, when words just started coming into my head - "You are mercy, you are grace, you are a warm light on my face..." More and more words kept coming, I kept writing around the margins, in between the announcements, under the offering totals...

By the time the sermon was over, I pretty much had it all down. I got it home and polished up the words, but then I stuck it in a drawer for a couple of months. When I pulled it out again, I picked up my guitar and began strumming some simple chords... G...C...A...D... (I didn't know it at the time, but this I-VI-II-V progression is called the "commercial" progression - I lifted it from a Saw Doctors song, I think.)

We introduced this song at our church anniversary in 2007. It's pretty cool when someone else picks it to sing on Sundays. I never do. (There's that humility again!) We do it a couple of times a year. Someday I'd like to record it for real. Maybe on the second CD.

So here is the song, done for the first time in 2007. Below is the chart.

Here's the chart. Click to make bigger, or right click to save.


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