Sunday Setlist - January 18

Another weekly setlist from Gospel Light Community Church in Bridgeport, Ct. This is part of the Sunday Setlist carnival at Fred McKinnon's blog.

This week's set:


Show Me Your Glory (Avery/Byrd/Carr/Powell/Lee/Anderson)

Main Set:

One Way (Houston/Douglass)
Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton/Lindsey)
I'm Yours (Buchanan/Johnson)
All Who Are Thirsty(Brown/Robertson)
Arms of Love (Musseau)/The Stand(Houston)

We were a little shorthanded this week, so I wound up doing double duty-playing drums on the first three songs, and switching to guitar on the last few. It's been awhile... I almost had a cardiac arrest on "I'm Yours." (For those of you unfamiliar with Fusebox, it pretty well rocks out.) One of the kids in my group (who started coming after my switch to full-time guitar) came up to me after service and commented how impressed he was. (He's taking drum lessons.) Guess the ol' man still got some game!

We got to do the medley we had planned for last week. The addition of the bass and a pad on the keys really made it sound better. We still played it with no percussion at all. We cut into "The Stand" after the second chorus of "Arms of Love," coming in at the prechorus. Then we did the first verse, and back to the prechorus and chorus. We started the chorus pretty much a capella, and then built it up each time. We finally brought it back down and sang it one more time, and then into "Arms of Love" again. The effect was something like "All I am is yours.... all I am is yours... all I am is yours... in your arms of love... in your arms of love..." and so on. I must say, it really worked well.

We have a service tonight... our monthy joint service with our daughter church. Not sure what we're playing... we usually do that on the fly.

So, what did you do?"


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