Gospel Light Unplugged

As promised, I made up some clips of the acoustic set last Sunday. Each one is 60-90 seconds, just for a taste....

Beautiful One: This is a great tune to rock out; turns out it's also a good tune to do unplugged. Harmonies really come into play nicely.

Mighty to Save: We're going to be recording this one for the CD. It's a pretty complicated song the way Hillsong does it - lots of different guitar parts, lots of effects, lots of voices. Stripping down a song like this really lets you focus on what it's trying to say, I think. Sometimes we get lost in great production choices and miss great lyrical choices.

Praise Adonai: This continues to be one of my favorite acoustic songs. Paul Baloche did it like this one one of his DVD's - two acoustic guitars, piano, acoustic bass and congas. Sounds awesome. I tried to get the same groove on the guitar work, but the girls really hit it out.

Higher: Doing this song without a lot of delay takes something away from it, but (like Mighty to Save) stripping it down brings it right to what the song is saying. Samir did an amazing job in the verses here.

Arms of Love: I'd really love to get a violin player and do this song right. Still... the girls did pretty good. We'll be doing this one again this coming week as the medley we planned.

We'll be heading into the studio this week to begin the recording project. I am so pumped!


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