Sunday Setlist - January 25

We've spent far more time playing together this week as usual, being as we've begun recording sessions for our first album. In fact, we were at it pretty late last night. Nevertheless, there's always a fresh spirit on Sunday mornings!

This weeks setlist:


You Are Good (Houghton)

Main Set:

Your Grace is Enough (Tomlin)
We Cry Out (Johnson)
Finding Who We Are (Shamburger)
Rescue (Anderson)
O, Lord, You're Beautiful (Green)

"You Are Good" is a perennial favorite at Gospel Light. If we had a theme song, this would be it. We've probably done more arrangements of this tune than New Breed has done. These days, we just kind of kick it up, but then slow it down right at the end.

We do "Your Grace is Enough" with more energy than Tomlin does it, basically doing it as a full-on praise song. "We Cry Out" and "Rescue" are both fairly new to us. I really like "We Cry Out." We did it with way more power and energy than planned. More guitar, more bass, more drums, much more vocals. Laura belted this song out!

When we started "O Lord, You're Beautiful," the pastor stopped us, told everyone that "We Cry Out" really matched the point of the sermon, and had us replay it. We did about a six-minute version of it. Josh kept repeating the line "Oh God, we cry out for your mercy..." over and over. Best worship in awhile!

This is part of Fred McKinnon's setlist carnival. See what other churches are doing.


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