Song of the Week - No One Like You - David Crowder* Band

There are few bands that have as much fun at their shows than David Crowder* Band. (And yes, that's how it's properly styled, and no, I don't know what the asterisk is for.) Very few bands engender the desire for audience participation like these guys do.

Whether it's the giant screens on either side of the stage with the lyrics to every song, the simple, repetitive, easy-to-remember lyrics, or the fact that David stops the band frequently to explain exactly what the audience's part in the song will be, DC*B wants you to sing along.

"No One Like You" is a perfect example of a song built for audience participation. David will usually begin by teaching the audience how to sing the chorus - and by the way, no audience is ever loud enough for David Crowder. David Crowder probably wishes Skillet would turn it up.

You are more
than anyone
you're the same.
You never change.
No, never.
(No that's not a formatting error. That's the way the song goes)

The song is basically a simple song of praise to God, for being who He is - a beautiful, kind and loving Savior. The bridge says it all:

How could you be so good to me?

That's the crux of the question. But David brings it all home in the chorus

There is no one like you!
There has never, ever been
anyone like you!

My favorite part of the song (during a live show) is the end of the bridge, which goes:

We're not alone
So sing aloud
sing aloud
sing aloud!

At which point the band stops to let the crowd roar "HERE WE GO!"

The song is built around a simple I-vi-V-IV progression. If you see a concert, you'll see him playing a G progression with a capo on 1. David generally tunes his guitars down to Eb, which gives an original key of G. Barlow Girl covered the song in E. The song was originally released on 2003's Illuminate album, but I much prefer the live version on Remedy Club Tour - Live Edition.

Here is the band doing the song live in Anaheim:


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