Old School and the N.T.

Sunday night I decided to eschew the Grammy Awards show. I relate very little to the Grammys these days - I don't know most of the acts, they place (in my view) way to much emphasis on hip-hop, and totin' the old fogies out (ahem... Sir Paul, for example) is getting old. (although I did flip over a couple of times during commercials, and did catch Kid Rock. I don't like the dude's music, but he is talented, no doubt.

So I spent the evening flipping back and forth between the House marathon and BET's Celebration of Gospel '09. What a great show that was!

One real surprise for me in that show was L.L. Cool J doing a song with Mary, Mary. The ladies may love Cool James, but he got his start - like so many -singing in a church choir. He showed why he was and is one of the patriarchs of rap and hip-hop. In candor, I consider most hip-hop "artists" to be small-talent wannabes, making money off of samples of real musician's work, filling the beats with profanity and barely intelligible babbling. But I've always respected James and his music. (Plus, he's a pretty good actor if you forget Deep Blue Sea.)

I know there is a trend for secular artists to do Gospel music from time to time. I don't know if it buys them credibility, or (I'm sure in some cases) it's their heart's call. But it's cool to see big-time talent giving it up for G.O.D. once in a while.


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