Sunday Setlist - February 15

The weekly setlist from Gospel Light Community Church in Bridgeport, Ct.

Here is this week's list:

We Cry Out - (Johnson)(Db)

Main Set:

Father, Spirit, Jesus - (Hall/Cates/Hunt)(B)
Beautiful One - (Hughes)(G)
Once Again - (Redman)(D)
Came to My Rescue - (Sampson/Davies/Thomas)(C)
The More I Seek You (Neese)(E)

We had a rough time at rehersal today - a lot of glitches and gremlins. Fortunately, that usually means that the service is good, and today was no different. Great time.

"We Cry Out" is the flavor of the week at GLCC, the "new" favorite. And it's a great song, to boot. We haven't done any Casting Crowns music in awhile. I don't know why - we all love the Crowns.

"Came to My Rescue" - I find comfort in the almost droning, repetitive progression. I can just close my eyes and let the music work.

I'm glad we did "The More I Seek You" this week. It had nothing to do with the release of Kari Jobi's new record, but I've been spending so much time listening to her this week (I'm writing a review for The Worship Community this week) that it seems fitting to have a Gateway song in the set.

Check in over at Fred McKinnon's blog to see what other churches are doing.


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