Song of the Week - Just Wanna Say - Israel Houghton

Since I've been doing From the Studio posts on Fridays, I'll move Song of the Week to Thursdays for a while.

This week's tune is the new release from Israel Houghton, called "Just Wanna Say." This is the first single off his upcoming album The Power of One, which is due out in March. "Just Wanna Say" was released as a single on iTunes and other digital stores a couple of weeks ago. I've been listening to it a lot, and I can tell you - this joint smokes!

Quoting liberally from Psalm 37, this song makes the point that God will NOT forsake us.

Even now I'm older
Never have I seen the
Righteous forsaken...

WARNING: Israel Hougton's music should be considered HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Even without the formidable skills of the New Breed behind him, this song could cause uncontrollable head-bopping, foot stomping, hand-clapping and other fun symptoms. Don't call your doctor - just give into it.

I just wanna say
I'm not afraid
I know that you are with me

Here is Iz performing the song on TBN. Below is his own story behind the song.


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