Saturday Silliness - Identity Theft

You love 'em. you know it. Just admit it.

They come on the TV and you sing along. You know the words. In fact, the last one hinted at that.

"Free credit report dot com.
Tell your friends, tell your dad, tell your mom.
Nevermind, they've been singing our songs
since we first showed up
with the pirate hats on!"

It's the saga of everyday life here in America. This poor schmoe has his life slowly ruined by a bad credit score. It even ruined his marriage to his dream girl! He can't get a house, has a series of bads job, can't buy a car and has to hide out in a Renaissance Fair. Typical "Joe the Plumber" type, right?

Not so fast. Dude ain't even American! English isn't even his first language! It's not him singing! We've been had!

The actor in question is Eric Violette, a French-Canadian actor/singer/songwriter. (the Jobless Trifecta!) He can sing, he can play; he just doesn't in the commercials. The guy singing in the commercials is (marketing jingle genius) Dave Mulhefeld, who also writes the ditties.

Go figure, Joe American is really a pseudo-euro bohemian type. Sheesh!

Here is our frauster in real life: (more below)

...and here he is pretending to be down and out. (Notice La même guitare bon marché.) And yes, this is the best ad of the bunch. (Just don't actually call the company. Apparently they leave much to be desired.)


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