Sunday Setlist - February 8

Another great week at Gospel Light Community Church. We were expecting to have a smaller crowd than normal, as much of the Men's Network was away on an Encounter Weekend, but it was a full house with a lot of visitors today.

Here's this week's setlist:


Shout to the Lord (Zschech)

Main Set:

Eres Todopoderoso (Salinas) (D)
All About You (Cruse-Ratcliffe/Houghton) (E)
For Who You Are (Sampson) (B)
Revelation Song (Riddle)(D)
You Are My All in All (Jernigan)(G)
You Are My King (Amazing Love) -(Foote) (D)


We Cry Out (Johnson) (F#)

"All in All" was a mid-service addition. Just seemed to feel right, given the mood of the worship at the time. "Revelation Song" really got to some people. We played it with a lot of dynamics today. Piano for melody in the first couple of verses, electric on a clean channel playing light arpeggios behind. Bass came later. We played like that through the first chorus and second verse. Going into the second chorus we built it up, I kicked the electric over to dirty and waled away. We dropped to almost a capella for the third verse. Laura hits that "Jesus your name is power..." lyric so well, we hate to mask it behind music. Then back in big.

"All in All" just kind of came out. But it's an old favorite, so everyone really got into it right away. It went nice right into "You Are My King" which is simply an amazing song.

We had one of the members come up to give testamony and she asked us up to play a song. We didn't know what she wanted to do, and were surprised at "We Cry Out." But everyone really digs that song. I think the member was really impressed with her own performance with a whole band behind her... I was.

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