Sunday Setlist - February 1

Here's the setlist from Gospel Light Community Church for this Superbowl Sunday.


Friend of God (Houghton/Gungor)

Main Set:

Cover the Earth (Houghton/Cruse-Ratcliff/Houghton)
Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)
How Great is Our God (Tomlin/Reeves/Cash)
Oh Lord, You're Beautiful (Green)
Give Us Clean Hands (Hall)

"Friend of God" is one of those great songs that is a favorite at GLCC - kind of a bookend with "You Are Good." It always gets people going. "God of Wonders" is one of my favorite songs - it was on the short list for the CD, and was the last song cut, I think. (I often size up acoustic guitars by playing this song.)

We did a lot of dynamics for "How Great..." Started really mellow, then kicked in hard for the bridge, and finished the song that way. We reprised it for the building fund offering, coming in right into the bridge.

"Give Us Clean Hands" was an on-the spot addition. It was clear when we finished the set that people were not done worshipping, so we kept playing. Justin looked over at me and said "Give me a G" and just started singing. It was a great moment, people raising hands, swaying and singing.

Today's Band:

Leader/Keys: Justin
Vocals: Laura, Mariah, Esther, Celia
Guitar: Mike
Bass: Danny
Drums: Aquim

As always, check out Fred McKinnon's blog for more setlists. Fred has a new look this week.


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