Album Review - Kari Jobe - A TWC ReVue

A few months ago I was asked to take part in an innovative approach to reviewing CCM/worship music. It's called ReVue, and it happens at The Worship Community - one of the best resources for information about worship music. Why is TWC so good? Because it is written by worship leaders for worship leaders.

The way ReVue works is simple. Several different worship leaders from different backgrounds and traditions listen to the same record, and then write their review of it. Those reviews are combined into a single article. What's great about that approach is that you get not just one person's point-of-view, but four. You don't have to go clicking from website to website finding reviews - you get several all in one shot.

For my own two cents, I really like this record. I don't listen to a lot of female singers, and my general modus operandi for new music is to put a whole CD on my mp3 player, then after a couple of weeks remove all but the songs I really like. So far, I haven't taken any of these songs off. Kari has given us a sweet, tender and intimate look into her worship place, and she's invited you to come and worship with her. I strongly suggest you take the invitation.

So click on over to TWC, and read the ReVue of this record.


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