Saturday Silliness - Mikeymo, the Cars

Someone asked me recently how many cars I've owned. Way too many, it turns out. Since I lack little else to write at this very moment, I shall endeavor to recollect...

  1. '81 Toytota Celica GT. Tan. I loved this thing. (OK, my father actually, technically owned it, but let us not dabble over trivial details, shall we? I took my senior photo in high school with this car. It was mine!

  2. '77 Opel by Buick S/C . Silver/Black Truth be told, this was an Izuzu I-mark with a fancy paint job. I don't want to know what kind of corporate inbreeding produced this car. I rewired this junkbox so many times I should have patented it.

  3. '84 Mercury Lynx. Brown. An Escort in a cat's clothing. It was totalled twice - neither my fault. Only car I ever turned a profit on.

  4. '77 Triumph Spitfire 1500. British Racing Green. Need I say more?

  5. '78 Dodge Aspen. Blue. Slant-Six baby! Indestructable! Ice chips flew out of the A/C vents! Never should have sold it.

  6. '84 Plymouth Reliant. *Hangs head in shame.*

  7. '84 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Calais. Blue. This one actually was my father's Oldsmobile. And it had velour seats! Woot!

  8. '85 Dodge Charger Shelby. Black/Silver. My favorite of the bunch. T-boned a Camaro with it. Killed 'em both. I cried for my Shelby. My poor Shelby.

  9. '90 Eagle Premier ES. Blue. Brilliant in design. Severely flawed in execution. The motor was French, the transmission was German, the body was Italian, the electronics Japanese and British. Assembled in Canada. Does anyone see a problem here?

  10. '85 Saab 900s. Brown. The motor was backwards. Hey, it's a Saab.

  11. '86 Ford Escort. Wife-mobile.

  12. '87 Ford Thunderbird. Brown. I was cruisin' in style. Gave it to my son. Somehow it caught on fire. Nice.

  13. '92 Ford Taurus GL wagon. Silver. Only car I've ever bought new. Wife-mobile. Far and away the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Went all up and down the east coast many times. Incredible car. Took ten years to kill it. We tried.

  14. '84 Dodge Caravan. Blue. Interum wife-mobile.

  15. '84 Audi 4000. Silver. Possibly my second-favorite on the list in terms of drivability. Great car, even at 150k miles.

  16. '87 GMC K2500. Blue. 6.2 diesel. Saved it from the junkyard. Drove it, plowed with it, hauled with it. Sold it for a hundred bucks when it stopped running. Big mistake.

  17. '95 Ford Windstar. Brown. Wife-mobile. Junk.

  18. '03 Ford Windstar GLX. White. Drove this beast all over the place. Florida. Vermont. Pennsylvania. Hilton Head. Amazingly comfortable and well running. Never had a major problem in 116k miles.

  19. '87 Ford Escort. Silver. As plain-jane as they came. AM/FM, no a/c. Crank windows. Station car from my train-commuting days.

  20. '94 Nissan Quest. Filled a need. That's all I'm saying.

  21. '99 Volkswagen Passat GL wagon. Silver. 158k and runs like new. Don't need a van anymore, so this is now the current wife-mobile. I'd rather drive this car than a new domestic anything.

  22. '96 Volkswagen Passat TDI wagon. Gray. Less than a thousand were ever built. It may not be sexy, but it gets almost fifty miles to the gallon. Come to think of it, that's pretty sexy these days.

So, can anyone top this list?


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