Sunday Setlist - March 22

This is the setlist for Sunday, March 22 from Gospel Light Community Church.


Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)(C)

Main Set:

One Way (Houston/Douglass)(B)
Tell the World (Houston/Douglass/Sampson)(G)
Once Again (Redman)(D)
Revelation Song (Riddle)(D)
From the Inside Out (Houston)(C)

Matt Redman and Joel Houston made major contributions to our service this weekend. Thanks guys!

Three of these songs are going to be on our upcoming album, so maybe that's why they were on our minds and hearts. We ran "One Way" right into "Tell the World." It worked really well, even with the key change. The last chord of the song is an E, and I start the guitar intro of "Tell the World on an E, so it really sounded nice.

"Once Again" came out good as well. We started it just acoustic, and then kicked in with the rest of the instruments, kind of a Fusebox version. "Revelation Song" - what a tune. I actually had to turn away from the front, as I started getting choked up at one point, just feeling the power of God pour over the congregation. We usually build it up through the first two verses, then take it down for the third one, then bring it in strong for the third chorus. We lead mainly with the acoustic, with the piano filling some nice melody lines. We did an instrumental break after that song that really kept the worship time going.

Check out the setlists over at Fred McKinnon's blog to see what other churches are doing.


  1. great set list. once again is a great tune

  2. Setlists are a curious thing for me these days.

    In the new church they use songpro (I've come to the conclusion that OHPs are best, and projection software is a curse that regulates everything, but whatever) and like the setlist at least 4 days in advance. First time I lead worship there I felt like a different song was appropriate to finish with, and that causes a minor panic...

    But I lead this Sunday, and we just play the songs straight through with no interaction from the congregation:

    Down the Mountain
    We Want to see Jesus lifted high
    Jesus, lamb of God
    I worship you, almighty God

    And to finish, These are the days of Elijah.

    The last one is a slightly odd song, since the theology is a little iffy (i.e. Solomon built the temple) but the speaker was talking about Zimbabwe and how in the midst of starvation the church is reaching out, providing food (from almost nothing) and saving lives. He was talking about church-guided farming projects, and how they were using techniques that did not require modern farming materials etc. The song really resonated with what he said.

    The in the afternoon I played at the community church. Setlists here are usually decided the day before or the morning of the meeting. They also get ignored quite often too, if the Spirit moves in some different way. 2 weeks ago we came with about 8 songs and sang just 2, the Spirit taking people up in worship so that we needed to just provide backing for what He was doing.

    This week we started with Lord I lift your name on high, but using 'Sweet Town Alabama' rhythms (I used the intro to start it: the first time). Then Your love is amazing, and one or two other songs (I forget the name now) for about 50min of worship.

    I am so going to miss the worship in BCC when we move.

  3. I've always taken that line in "Days of Elijah" to be more poetic than literal. After all, it was David who brought the Ark to Jerusalem and who began to lay plans for the temple. And it was the house of David that built it. A stretch, yes, but we Irish don't hang on literalism. :)

    I've always though that Spirit-led worship is best. You'll see we do a lot of service-time changes at GLCC.

    I always love seeing your name on the comment list, Toni. Thanks.

  4. Yes it is. Thank's for coming by, Justin.

  5. Love, love, love Revelation song! It has got to be one of the best worship songs ever.
    From the inside out is a great song too.

  6. Thanks Mike.

    BTW I do like playing 'one way' but it's kind of a youth song and not that many others appreciate it.


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