Sunday Setlist - March 15

Sunday setlist from Gospel Light Community Church in Bridgeport, Ct.


Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)(E)

Main Set:

Friend of God (Houghton/Gungor) (E)
Say So (Houghton/Gungor)(E)
Holy is the Lord (Tomlin) (G)
Agnes Dei (Smith)(G)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)(G)
Create in Me a Clean Heart (Bannister)(C)

Good service today. We had a baby dedication, as well as a special song by Cecelia Cruz, singing "You'll Never Thirst" by Annointed.

Danny is away on a mission trip with his college ministry, so Elyano played bass and Aquim handled the drumming. Also, Josh was asked to preach at a church in the Bronx today, so Justin handled lead vocals as well as piano. It's such a blessing to have a versatile team, where people can step into multiple roles.

The worship time really started to flow during "Holy is the Lord" When we got to the bridge, we dropped every thing but just tapping on the hi-hats. With each repitition, we added another instrument - first acoustic, then bass, then piano, then full-on drums. By the time we got to the fifth repitition, it was an all out anthem. We kept repeating the tag for a while as well.

I popped a G string (no, the one on the guitar) during "God of Wonders" in the second verse, so I had to do a quick switch back to the electric, with an acoustic patch on the Digitech. Sounded OK, but I prefer an acoustic for that song if there's only one guitar. "Create in Me a Clean Heart" was a mid-service addition, as we just didn't want to stop worshipping.

See what other churches did this week at Fred McKinnon's blog.


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