Sunday Setlist - March 1 #sundaysetlist

What an amazing service we had at Gospel Light this morning! I'm still reeling from it a bit. But in retrospect, it's pretty understandable.

First, this whole weekend has been a youth revival at our daughter church, and a lot of our youth have been up there. Then yesterday, we held our KidzTrek children's encounter. So today had no choice but to be completely Spirit-filled.

Here's the setlist:


Come, Now is the Time to Worship (Doerksen)(D)

Main Set:

All About You (Houghton/Cruse-Ratcliff) (E)
Turn it Around (Houghton/Lindsey)(D)
One Way (Houston/Douglass) (B)
Came to My Rescue (Davies/Thomas/Sampson)(C)
The Stand (Houston) (G)
Healer (Guglielmucci)(B)

By the time we got to "Turn it Around" we knew that today was going to be something special. There was just an air of power and joy that's hard to describe, but it was clearly there. People had literally started dancing for joy in the aisles, and even some new visitors I saw were singing and praising. We had a long interlude after "One Way." I eventually started just playing the chords to "Came to My Rescue." It was amazing hearing the way the melody just kind of drifted out of the noise. Then the drums came in, and everyone started lifting hands.

"The Stand" came out really good today, I thought. I was making full use of my Echo Park delay. I love being able to tap in the tempo and then match the delay to the song. There were a lot of dynamics in the song the way we played it, but it was Joel Houston's lyrics that were really ministering today. We kept singing that chorus over and over. When we finally finished, our associate pastor came up and shared a word of encouragement, then had everyone sing the chorus again - just voices. It was incredible, the altars were full, people were weeping openly.

When we finished that there were still people at the altars. I started just playing the opening chords to "Mighty to Save" on the acoustic. Just that, over and over again. D-A-F#m E. Elyano and Danny were playing along, and we just kept repeating those four chords, and people just kept worshipping.

After that, our senior pastor came up and gave a prophetic word of healing. There were still people at the altar, so I called out for "Healer." By the time we got done with everything and sat down, we'd been worshipping for well over an hour straight. And no one seemed to mind.

This was also a Communion weekend, so the blessings continued. We had a cell group share, and everything else continued to flow. I'm exhaused after this weeked, but elated at the same time.

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