Sunday Setlist - March 29

Another great week of worship and the Word at Gospel Light Community Church!

For the first time in a couple of weeks, we had the entire team together, and I can tell you it makes a difference. There just seems to be an energy and yes, power, to having everyone there and on stage. So on to the setlist!


Free For All (Houghton/Townsend)(C)

Main Set:

Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)
History Maker (Smith)(Em)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)
The Stand (Houston)(G)
The Power of Your Love (Bullock)(C)

I don't know why, but I just felt like there was a real power and annointing over these songs today. When we started "Free For All", I tweaked my tone knob down a little, and suddenly found "the tone" - that tone a guitar player longs for. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't, but I had it today. I was going to play acoustic for "Trading My Sorrows," but I had "the tone." So I stayed with electric and we kicked it up a bit. We do the "Yes, Lord" part of that song in three languages - English, Spanish and French Creole - for our multi-cultural congregation.

"Your Grace is Enough" is such a great song. We do it as a fast one, and the congregation really loves it. "The Stand" is another song I just love - strange because I generally play only half of it. But it's probably those dynamics which I love so much.

Thank you Geoff Bullock for "The Power of Your Love." This song really reached out to people today. We couldn't stop singing it. We have one of the girls solo the verses, and everyone sings the chorus. Great song!

Since I was preaching today, I had the unusual (for us ) chance to tie the altar call song into the message. So I asked for "Draw Me Close" by Kellie Carpenter. (A) We're putting this song on our album, and I thought it fit well with the end of the message. The altar call lasted awhile, so they also did "Rescue" by Jared Anderson (D)

Check out what other worship teams did today at Fred McKinnon's blog! 36 weeks and counting!


  1. That is great that you incorporated 3 different languages in your worship service. T

  2. The Stand is a great song! I love the line "So what can I say and what can I do but offer this heart O God completely to You". Now i'll be singing it all day :)


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