He's Back!

Last summer I wrote about Todd Bentley. You remember him? He was the guy running the supposedly incredible revival meetings in Lakeland, Florida last year. Todd claimed he had healed on one hundred consecutive nights, and that he somehow had raised 25 people from the dead over the phone. (I am not making that up.)

Todd ran into a bit of an issue last August, when apparently he left his wife, because he was having an "unhealthy relationship" with a staffer. He was asked to leave his ministry, "FreshFire," at that time.

Well, I guess all has been forgven. He has a new ministry, Morningstar Ministries. He has a new wife, the aformentioned staffer. He is apparently going to attempt to return to ministry.

Now, I'm all for forgiveness and restoration. I think I'd be in pretty bad shape were it not for forgiveness and restoration. But... can this really be a good thing? Aren't there admonitions in Scripture that various ministers not be "notorious sinners?" Is seven months really enough time for healing all the hurts that Mr. Bentley has done? Can he be possibly ready for a return to the national stage, er, pulpit?

Yes God can do great things with sinners. Absolutely. King David is an example. But, shouldn't David's example be don't be like me instead of be like me and be forgiven?

I don't know the answer, but I think we need to ask the questions.


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