Sunday Setlist - April 26

Here's this week's setlist from Gospel Light Commnunity Church. Check out others at Fred McKinnon's blog!

Opening Song:

Finding Who We Are (Shamberger)(G)

Main Set:

All About You (Houghton./Cruse-Ratcliff))(E)
I'm Yours (Buchanan/Johnson)(Am)
O Praise Him (All This for a King)(Crowder)(Bb)
For Who You Are (Sampson)(B)
The Stand (Houston)(G)

Our self-imposed setlist limits are starting to wear a little thin for me, but the congregation seems to be still responding to the familiarity. Granted, it frees me from shuffling charts on Sundays, which is nice.

In the end, it turned out to be a pretty amazing service. I was having some tonality issues early on - I just couldn't find anything I was happy with. Also, Aquim plays drums a lot... busier... than Elyano does, so I was having a hard time finding space in some of the early songs. So basically in "All About You" I just kind of laid back and let Justin play keys up front, and did some light rhythm.

The tide was turned for "I'm Yours," though. That is definitely a guitar song. It is probably the most "rocked out" song that we do in service, and yet it's really cool seeing people lift their hands to it and praise.

"O Praise Him." Do I need to say more than "Crowder?" Anytime we can fit some Crowder in a worship service, I call it a good day. To me, this is one serious worship song. Some people I know find the "La, la's" silly, but I don't look at them that way. I look at them as being an opportunity to worship without the encumberance of words. I see more people lifting their hands and closing their eyes during that part than any other time in the song.

For the Hillsong portion of the service (seems like we always have one!), the duo of "For Who You Are" (Love it!) and "The Stand." (Love it more!) Aquim did a great job on "For Who You Are," which can be challenging for a drummer. (It's a pretty easy song for a guitar player) "The Stand" is one of my favorites. I lay completely off the first verse, just playing the walkup in the pre-chorus. (C-D-E-F#) I really don't start playing until the third repetition of the chorus, where the keys hand off to the guitar and we kick the whole thing up. I love what Danny does on the bass of this song. He does this great walk up with passing notes that really reminds me of the bassline in "New York Minute."

Toward the end of that song, we were just playing some stuff, and then I started playing the walkup again, and the whole congregation went back into the prechorus. Then we played five or six minutes of some free worship; Justing was playing around some stuff in C, and I was just strumming some C-F-C stuff, and the singers were just singing whatever came to their hearts. It was awesome!

During service, one of our women's cell groups was highlighted today, so they invited Sister Cathy to come and sing. Then she asked the musicians to come up. We had no idea what she was going to do. (This is where that whole "Be ready in season and out of season..." stuff comes in.) Fortunately, she was singing How Great Thou Art, so as soon as we figured her key (E) we were good to go. Man, can that woman sing!

So, how did your church do? Check out some others at Fred McKinnon's blog!


  1. Mikey,
    Great list man. We are just starting to work up "Finding Who We Are" and I'm in total agreement with you on Hillsong! Seems like we're either doing a Hillsong or a Houghton tune every Sunday!

    God Bless!


  2. Justin KirkendallApril 26, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    Any day with the "Crowdster" is a great day. I agree 100% lol. You know It's funny I notice alot more people engaged in worship (head thrown back, eyes closed, hands up) during the La'La'Las than I do in any part of the song- haha how funny.

  3. Sounds great. I love it when the unexpected moments pop up and spontaneous things start flowing.

  4. Sounds like a great week! I love "O Praise Him" but for whatever reason it's one we've never done.

  5. Unfortunately, we don't record anything. Our tech team is seriously lacking, which has been a problem for the life of our fellowship (20+ years). To add recording to their plate would distract them even more. One of the tech people had a video recorder in the booth yesterday. I'll check to see if they happened to leave it recording. I could sing Ancient of Days a long time and not get tired. On the last time through the chorus, the drummer left a gaping hole between "every knee shall bow at Your throne"...."in worship". I still get goose bumps thinking about it. He created so much energy by simply NOT playing. The guy is a genius and a human metronome. I've never played with a drummer like him. The short of it all is that I need to step up the rotation on Ancient of Days. What a powerful song.


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