Sunday Setlist - April 5 - Palm Sunday

Wow, what a great Palm Sunday service at Gospel Light Communuity Church. We had an awesome time of praise and worship in preparation for Easter Sunday next week.

Here's the Setlist:


One Way (Houston)(B)

Main Set

Tell the World (Houston)(G)
I'm Yours (Buchanan/Johnson)(Am)
Once Again (Redman)(G)
Came to My Rescue (Sampson/Davies/Thomas)(C)
Hosanna (Fraser)(C#m)

Obviously the opening of the service was a little on the loud side! And that's just the way we like it. I love watching our oldest member - in her nineties - clapping and singing to a Fusebox song. Nothing like it!

I don't know that we really intended to do the whole Hillsong/Fusebox thing with the set, but it worked out well that way. "Once Again" was a big slowdown from "I'm Yours," but there was a lot of noise in the sanctuary, with people shouting and clapping at that point. Then the simple acoustic guitar chords cutting through that was great, actually, like a call to worship. We have Esther sing the verses on "Once Again." She has a great, voice that sounds good with an acoustic guitar.

"Came to My Rescue" really reaches people, I think. We must've done that bridge ten times - no one seemed to mind. I play acoustic on that song, and Elyano does some great things on the drums, but it's the lyrics that minister.

"Hosanna" was a given for Palm Sunday. I think we really did it well this time. We've struggled with it at times in the past, but I think we had the right combination of keyboard and guitar this time. Plus - and more importantly - the congregation was really responding to it.

We have a baptism service this evening, so I'll probably update this post with that service.

Baptism service addenendum:

Friend of God (Houghton)(E)

Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)

Rescue (Anderson)(G)

You Are Good (Houghton)(E)

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